Metal Support Foundation

Ф1А-Р, Ф2А-Р


Renovation of Sevzapenergosetproect's Foundation Structures according to 3.407-115 Series, GOST 13015-2003

Product Name Dimensions, mm Amount of
concrete, m3
H b c c1 t
1 Ф1А-Р 3200 400 400 450 1500 1,000 В25
2 Ф2А-Р 3200 400 400 450 1800 1,200 В25

Reinforced concrete foundation for standard anchor-and-angle and intermediate supports (35-330 kV overhead power transmission towers). They have a support cap with 4 pins each of which is 36 mm in diameter. The cap construction is designed to lay a support foot on it horizontally. A standard delivery set includes eight М36 nuts and four washers.