ASPMK-519 is one of the largest vertically-integrated companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It consists of several industrial and servicing enterprises performing activities in the energy industry.

The ASPMK-519 Company dominates the Kazakhstan market of designing, building, rebuilding and repairing services for electrical grids and substations rated up to 500 KW.

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ASPMK-519 is a holding company. The structure of the company is divided into three main groups based on the corporate strategy and the service they perform in the energy sector. Those three groups are the servicing group, the industrial group, and the manufacturing and power transmitting group. The first group of enterprises includes engineering, design, construction and installation companies that perform the full scope of work of designing, building, reconstructing and upgrading power transmitting lines and substations as well as completing the full installation and setup of the equipment set for substations as a turn-key project. Construction projects are managed by an integrated project managing central system providing flexible relations among the companies involved in project realization. The second group includes manufacturing plants that produce a wide selection of building and electro technical products: reinforced concrete products and structures, metal tower structures, electro technical parts, non-insulated wires and polymer insulators. This group also produces and transmits electric power. The third group of companies includes power generation source (steam and water power stations), electrical power grids and substations producing and transmitting electric heat power.