General engineering for construction of electric lines and "turn-key" substations  
General engineering for construction of electric lines and "turn-key" substations
Engineering and consulting services
Design engineering work, calculation and analytic work
Technical and economical reasoning of a project
Recommendations and project management
Equipment supply, construction, repair and upgrade of electric lines and substations
Equipment and material supply for construction projects
Construction and assembly work for 0.4-500 kW electric lines
Construction and assembly work for substations and 6-500 kW distribution devices
Commissioning of construction projects
After-sales service
Maintenance and repair work on electric lines
Telecommunications and information technologies related services in the energy sector

Designing, equipment supply, installation, equipment setting, communication channels testing
Development of telecommunications related functional solutions based on state of the art technologies, such as fiber optic linear networks
Approval of design solutions by authorized agencies
Onsite installation of telecommunications equipment (radio relay equipment, transport level communications equipment and equipment of access level working based on the optic interface), installation of high-frequency communications equipment to the electric power lines, installation of satellite equipment
Installation of fiber optic cables built in the overhead ground-wire cable to the electric power lines (with 500 kW voltage), installation of self-supporting fiber optic cable to the electric power lines (up to 220 kW) and to the electric power lines situated along railroads, installation of fiber optic cables in the earth
A huge variety of installation work and testing of fiber optic couplings, interconnection panels, patch panels. Initial control of fiber optic cables, preparation of operational documentation sets providing fiber optic cable traces
IT related solutions for virtual private network installation, installation of IP telephone networks with centralized attendant services, network administration and other services
After sale services with technical maintenance
Commissioning work  
Commissioning work

Control cabinets for manufacturing equipment
Cabinets with Data Acquisition and Transmission Devices for software programs
STEP7, PCS7 Siemens

PL7 PRO Schneider Electric

Шкафов на базе микропроцессорных устройств защиты на класс напряжения до 500кВ с использованием программных продуктов
DIGSI 4 Siemens
SFT2841 Schneider Electric
REx –670 ABB
Micom S1 Areva
Transportation services  
Transportation services

Providing transportation services
International shipping service provided by trucks
Providing forwarding services
Operation, installation and repair of lifting devices (lifting cranes, hoist towers, hoisting devices)
Supplying users with electric power (selling electric power)  
Supplying users with electric power (selling electric power)
Selling electric power to users at lower prices and having an Independent Balance Provider Status