>> Business Servicing Branch

Engineering center (within ASPMK-519)

Designing companies

Transportation companies

Construction and installation companies

Construction and installation companies are provided with a full set of state-of-the-art vehicles, tools and equipment, including:

Transportation vehicles – 252 pieces,
Lifting devices – 56 pieces,
Excavation equipment – 69 pieces,
Special equipment and tools – 73 pieces.

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Total personnel staff of the construction and installation companies is over 1000 people.

Production facilities and workshops (in total 7) are located country wide.

To realize the corporate strategy of ASPMK-519 to expand into the international markets of building and installing services, construction materials, electro technical equipment and markets that provide full range of products and services, several affiliated branches and joint venture companies have been established and are working in the territories of the Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Turkmenistan.

>> Business Manufacturing Branch

Temirbeton is involved in the production of reinforced concrete towers and other reinforced concrete products for the construction of electric networks and substations.

TK Metakon   is involved in the production of specialized metal structures using Hot Dip Galvanization Technology to cover electric network construction needs.

Infraenergo is involved in the manufacture of electric switchboards, 6-10kW switching devices, relay protection and controls cabinets and automation and control systems.

Kazinvestizolyator is involved in the manufacture of cabling and wiring products.

InterInvestIzolyator is involved in the production of polymer insulators.

TK Integral is involved in the production of non-standard equipment and products.

>> Production and Transmission of Electric Power

Cascade of Karatal HPP produces electric power.

Kazzinc FEC produces electric and heat power.

KaratalTranzit transmits electric power.

ASPMK-519 supplies (sells) electric power to consumers.