Double circuit anchor and angle tension poles 110kW


Product Name У110-4 У110-4+5 У110-4
Glaze Ice Region I-IV I-IV
Wind Region III III
Wire Model АС-70 ÷ АС-150 АС-70 ÷ АС-150
Dimensions in Foundation Axis L, m 4,1 5,6
Tower Height Н, m 23,9 28,9
Height up to Lower Crossarm h, m 10,5 15,5
Weight of Tower with Zinc Coating, kg 5450 6851
Standard Project Number 3078тм
Note This type of tower can be used on 150kV overhead lines. Towers are normal for overhead lines with up to АС120 wires and they are light (designed for one broken wire) for overhead lines with up to АС150 wires.